Misal is an independent engineering company with activities involved in design, manufacture, installation, service and site construction. We specialise in Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical and Hydraulic Engineering. Additional activities include provision of specialised electrical equipment & products, engineering services to an Australian Defence Organisation, R&D programs for new technologies and project management of large-scale projects.

The company was established in 1980.


The design, project management, supply & installation of equipment & systems required for large-scale industrial and Government projects. These include construction activities, commissioning and training. Projects are generally undertaken on a turnkey basis both in Australia and internationally.


2.1 Electrical Industry

• HV & LV Power Distribution Systems, Switchboards, Protection Systems
• Dry Cast Resin Transformers - up to 5MVA
• Oil Type Transformers - up to 220 MVA
• HV Metering Transformers up to 220kV
• High Current DC Rectifiers and Rectifier Systems (New & Second Hand) - up to 200kA
• Ducted Bus Systems for LV High Power Distribution - up to 6300A
• Variable Speed Drives (HV & LV Electric Motors) - up to 2 MVA
• Portable Pre-Fabricated Pad Mounted HV / LV Switching Sub - Stations, with Cast Resin Dry Transformers, Control and Metering Facilities

2.2 Aviation Industry - Ground Support Equipment (GSE’s)

Computerised rotor-testing facilities for the testing of aircraft propellers.
Hydraulic power units and distribution systems, including specialised hydraulic test benches for aircraft components. Installed power up to 220 kW.
Electric/electronic and pneumatic control systems for hydraulic equipment, including hazardous area equipment, i.e. Power Units & Hydraulic Test Stations,
Aircraft Computerised  Hydraulic Test Stations (ACHTS) – Fixed & Mobile types, Computerised Hydraulic Test Stations for the Collins Class Submarines.

2.3 Water Supply Industry

Supply of Billabong Hydraulic Rams to end users. The Rams have been manufactured by Misal Technologies Pty. Ltd. since 1986. The Billabong Hydraulic
Ram is used widely in Australia and overseas. The original technology for the Billabong Hydraulic Ram was developed by Messrs. John Danks in 1855.

2.4 New Technologies for Timber Processing

Over the last 13 years Misal has undertaken R&D activities into new timber processing technologies. This project is now completed and ready for
commercialisation. The technology is based on the Microwave Irradiation of timber resulting in capabilities that utilise a very low quality timber and convert it
into a high value product. The new high-value added products produced by this technology, have significantly higher property parameters than comparable
products currently on the market. This technology has a global application and includes the following main components listed below:

• Microwave Generators
• Wave Guides, Tuners & Associated Components
• Microwave Kilns for Drying Timber
• Processing Equipment
• Control Software


3.1 MV & HV Electrical Equipment (Major)

• Medium & High Voltage Switchgear
• Mines Switchgear
• Portable Prefabricated Substations - MV to LV & HV to MV
• Power Transformers - up to 240MVA: 500kV
• Cast Resin Transformers - up to 2.5MVA: 35kV
• RMU’s & Connectors
• Ducted Bus Ways - up to 6,300A

3.2 Electrical Components (Small)

• Switching Components - LBS’s, VCB’s, Disconnectors, Earthing Switches, MCCB’s, Earth Leakage CB’s, AC Contactors, Relays
• Static Components - CT’s, VT’s, Cut Out Fuses, Capacitors, Surge Arresters, Reactors
• Meter Test Equipment (Power, Current, Frequency)
• Cable Terminations & Kits
• Insulators Porcelain, Glass or Composite - Pin, Disc, Spool, Strain/Stay, Shackle, Post, Telephone

3.3 LV, MV & HV Electrical Wires & Cables

• PVC Insulated Electrical Wires (LV & HV): ABC, Flat
• Flame Retardant Polyolefin Compound Insulated Wire
• XLPE & Other Electrical Power Cables (LV & HV)
• Control Cables
• Fibre Optic
• Rubber Flexible
• Aerial Insulated Cables
• Aluminium Stranded Overhead Conductors


Heavy Chemical, Rubber, Mining and Steel Industries, Electrical Power Utilities and Defence Sector:

4.1  Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

HV  Power Generation and Distribution Systems
Diesel Generating Sets, Flexible Couplings
Electric Rotary Machines, Transformers and Reactor Coils
Converter Technology, Locomotive Converters, Rectifiers, Mobile Power Sources
Electrostatic Precipitators
High Current DC Systems
Cast Resin Dry Transformers, Oil Transformers

4.2  Electric Drives

Both controlled and uncontrolled DC and AC drive for power generation.

4.3  Aviation Industries - Defence & Civil

Testing of Aircraft, Helicopters and Submarines:
• Aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE) - Mobile and Fixed
• Generator Power Supplies
• Computerised Hydraulic Test Stations
• Computerised Test and Simulation Stations for Aircraft and Helicopter Rotor blades

4.4  Marine Industries – Defence & Civil

Submarines Ground Support Equipment (GSE) - Mobile and Fixed
Generator Power Supplies
Computerised Hydraulic Test Stations

4.5  Automated Timber Processing Plants

Design and supply complete Processing Plants based on new technology involving Microwave Irradiation of timber.

4.6  Turnkey Projects

Associated Design & Supply Engineering Services for the above referenced industries, including the manufacturing sector.

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