Misal Technologies Pty. Ltd. (Misal) is an established Engineering Company, operating in Australia since 1980, in the field of Electrical and Mechanical
Engineering. Misal encompasses activities in the design, manufacture, supply and commissioning of complete turnkey projects. Misal is engaged in projects
for the Heavy Chemical, Rubber, Mining and Steel Industries, Electrical Power Utilities and the Defence Sector.

Misal has also carried out substantial projects with an Australian Defence Organisation for over 20 years.

These have included the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and training of:
1) Testing facilities for the F111 Fighter Aircraft and the Collins Class Submarines (Laboratory and Mobile Test Stations).
2) Computer based Helicopter Rotor Blades Testing facility in a Wind Tunnel application in a Wind Tunnel designed, installed and commissioned for an
1) Australian Defence Research Facility.

Past activities over several years have also included manufacturing of HV Switchboards (12kV and 22kV) under licence from the former AEG (Germany).

Several current company activities include:

• Continuing R&D activities into the development of new processing technologies using microwave irradiation of timber.
• International marketing of selected electrical systems, equipment, materials and products in selected countries i.e. Australia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia,
Singapore, India and the Middle East.
• Undertaking specialised design in Variable speed Drives, Power Generation & Power Distribution Systems and Power Correction Factor Systems.

For a number of years Misal's marketing division has undertaken the above referenced global marketing using various selected electrical products,
components and materials from Misal Accredited Suppliers.

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2.1 Chemical and Rubber - Heavy Industries

Previous major turnkey projects undertaken and completed by Misal's Electrical and Mechanical Divisions:

a) High Current DC Rectifier System: (117VDC, 56KA), incl. 8MVA  (22kV / 2x205V, 50Hz)Transformer Rectifier for Nufarm, W.A. Kwinana.
b) High Current DC Rectifier System: (170VDC, 17.5KA), incl. 3 MVA Transformer Rectifier for Nufarm, Laverton, Victoria.
c) Supply of AEG - ETI 22kV, 0.5MVA Cast Resin Transformers and enclosures: incl. alarm monitoring system to the City of Melbourne (Qty 24 Units).
d) Pacific Dunlop: Overhaul and upgrade of major Electrical Processing Machinery.
e) Pacific Dunlop: Overhaul and upgrade of HV Testing Facility for testing Rubber Dielectric Properties.
f) Pacific Dunlop Australia Ltd: Various Projects involving variable Speed Drives controlled via PLC’s.
g)Supply quantity of 11kV & 22kV Oil Type Transformers, Electrical Equipment, Apparatus & Enclosures: incl. alarm monitoring system to various users.
h) Australian  Government: 22kV / 0.4kV; 1,250kVA Portable Substation; incl. Cabling for Australian Construction Services, Victoria.

2.2  Defence Industry

We have been involved with the Australian Defence Organisation for over 20 years in the design and manufacture of various specialised (custom-designed)
high-tech equipment, including:

a) Design and manufacture of Hydraulic Test Stations for the F111 Strike Fighter Aircraft.
b) Conceptual design of Hydraulic Test Stations for testing Collins Class Submarines - Boeing Contract.
c) Computer- based Helicopter Rotor Testing Facility in a Wind Tunnel Application. Work scope: design, installation and commissioning.
d) Skid Mounted Rig.
e) Variety & number of Hydraulic Power Packs, Switchboards, Alarms and Monitoring panels.
f) Major upgrade of Hydraulic Distribution Systems.
g) Undertaking of maintenance contracts at an Australian Defence Research Facility, over a continuous 12 year period. These projects included complex
preventative and corrective maintenance measures for all installed Hydraulic Test Machines, Power Packs and General Power Distribution Facilities.

2.3  Manufacturing of HV Switchboards

Misal had a long term association with the former AEG of Germany (for over 15 years) and has previously been involved in manufacturing AEG HV Switchboards (under Licence from AEG). Reference photographs are provided in the link below.

2.4  Development of New Processing Technologies

For over 12 years Misal Technologies Pty. Ltd. (Misal) and its associated company MicroWood Australia Pty. Ltd. (MicroWood), have been involved in a
Research & Development (R & D) Program for developing new technology that involves streamlining the processing of green timber using microwave irradiation. This R & D has been undertaken by Misal in conjunction with a leading Australian University and supported by Government Funding. The
technology is now ready for commercialisation after successful operation of a Pilot Plant for several years.


Over the past 3 years Misal has undertaken a number of contracts with the Lanka Electricity Company (LECO) and the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) in Colombo, Sri Lanka with whom a number of contracts were successfully completed.

These have involved the supply of the following materials:

a/ 6/10kV XLPE Cables
b/ LV & HV Insulators
c/ LV MCB's
d/ Meter Testing Equipment
e/ 145kV 2000A Tubular Busbars


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